Dan Bina : Bushwick Open Studios 2012

"Y Can't End With A Draw" Bushwick Open Studios 2012. June 1st-3rd. Come out to 63 Woodward Ave. in Brooklyn Saturday June 1st. 7-9pm. BOS 2012

Dan Bina : Apartment Therapy

A new feature article in Apartment Therapy. Brought to you thanks to Alison Brislin L.A.
AT Article Of Brooklyn's legions of young artists, many stand out. Dan Bina (pronounced bee-na) is one of them. If you follow his work, he really gets your eyes and brain moving. His work ranges from cool crisp geometric abstract painting to photo-realist paintings and culturally laden collages.


Dan Bina in "Anywhere But Here"

Anywhere But Here A New Group Show May 31st, 8 pm to late The Gallery Bar, 120 Orchard. My work along with a bustling roster of artists this fun exhibition curated by Dan Teran of Artsicle and independent curator Maureen Sullivan also from Creative Time. The show, "Explores images of escape, real and imagined, literal and abstract. Artworks selected reference a longing for something else, somewhere else, brought on by 100 degree weather and fifth floor walk ups. They are the images conjured in the minds of the brave, the few, the left behind. It's summer in New York City, and your Hamptons house just fell through."
Currently available work at ARTSICLE
Complimentary Beer from BOMB Brewery. RSVP@Artsicle.com
Press Release: Excerpt
"The great escape is a romanticized clich├ęd trip to the wild west in Dan Bina paintings where it’s just nature, maybe a horse, and man – including the always larger than life Arnold Schwarzenegger in all his glorious muscled heyday. Bina’s paintings of open spaces are brought back to the future with architectural intersections and skewed perfectives."
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