Group Show at the Arsenal, Brooklyn NY

Featuring: Matthew Alesi, Alex Bienstock, Daniel Bina, Bon Duke, Marysia Gacek, Adam Good, Katia Hakko, James Hughes, Michael Intile, Duane Jealousy, Jaclyn Jurist, Eric Ku, Michael Kusmierczyk, Louis Liu, Amelia M. Miller, Augustus Nazarro
Based on a True Story
Thursday, November 19, 2009, 8pm
The Arsenal
153 Roebling Street, Studio 4B
Brooklyn, NY 11211

For Release:
"Based on a True Story" brings all our artists together to offer their interpretation of how we resolve truth from fiction in the world we live in. We establish our thoughts and ideas based on various information sources be it history, religion, science, politics, media, or family. How much of this information gets filtered objectively and at what point do we perpetuate myth as truth. How do we separate fact from fiction?